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Importing your WhatsApp Chats to Team Inbox

Firstly, you will have to backup your chats. It is merely simple to backup WhatsApp chats, and to make it simpler WATI has a plugin to do that. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

There is a detailed step by step blog also related to this which tells you how to easily and without coding backup WhatsApp Chats for free. CLICK TO VIEW

Step By Step

  1. Login to WATI and navigate to “Settings”
  1. Then in settings, navigate to “Import Chats”
  1. After that you may see two options either to install the plugin and do the required steps or to import the zip file after you backup your WhatsApp Chats.
  1. Click on the blue button which says “START IMPORT”
  2. After that you can go navigate back to Team Inbox and find all your chats.
Final result after import WhatsApp chats


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