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When can use Update Attribute in Flow Builder?

Advanced Flow Builder features are an add-on to the regular plan and are charged separately

By default, this icon is shown with "PRO" logo as below.

This icon can be setup in flow using the normal plan and the flow can be saved successfully. But when we setup to use in Keyword or in Default Action, the system will prompt out popup asking the user to upgrade in order to use these advanced flow builder features

After upgrading WATI to PRO plan, the user can use these advanced flows in Keyword or Default Action.

Meaning and Usage

Update Attribute: This will allow the user to update the contact's custom attribute to a new fixed value, or to a variable value (which can be input from previous steps in the flow).

Updating attribute in flow is quite useful in case we want to collect some customer information eg email, address, hobbies, etc, and save their attribute in order to have better analysis and better service to each customer.

To use this feature, simply select the icon and drag into the flow, also drag the arrow from the step node that needs the action Subscribe or Unsubscribe. Or, User can also drag the arrow from the last node, and select to choose the icon.

Open the "Update Attribute" node, there will have 2 options to select the variable to modify. It's either "Custom Attribute" or "Variable"

  • If choose "Custom Attribute", the list or Variables that allow us to select is picking from the contact list's custom attribute name.
  • If choose "Variable", the list of Variables that allow us to select is picking from inputted variables in the current flow.

Then we need to fill in the value for that parameter. It could be a fixed data or a variable which value was collected in current flow


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