Wati’s Beta Testing Program

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About Wati’s Beta Testing Program

As Wati continues to innovate and build new features for our customers, we are introducing a Beta Testing Program for testing our new features with our customers before they are launched in the product.

As a customer who has signed up for this program, you can get early access to some of our latest features. You can try them out on your live setup for a limited period of time and in return we request you to help us to get valuable feedback to make improvements before the feature is officially launched.

Listed below are some important points to note regarding this program:
  • We only allow customers who signed up with us to participate in the Beta Testing Program and require that customers be in good standing (e.g. no outstanding invoices to be paid).
  • The Beta features are provided “As Is”. Beta features by their very nature are meant for testing, which means that they may not work as expected, may have errors, or may cause unintended behavior. You understand that we’re not responsible for any issues or problems caused by the Beta Service. 
  • We need your feedback to understand how to improve our features in Beta. By participating in our Beta Testing Program, you agree to provide us feedback based on your trial of the feature.
  • We may also monitor how you use the Beta features and use that information to improve them or our other products and services.

Features that are a part of or will be introduced as part of the Beta Testing Program include:

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