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Estimating your conversation usage cost

Meta is changing their pricing model effective June 1st 2023. Please click here to learn more.
  1. The first 1,000 Service Conversations (or User-Initiated Conversations) in a calendar month are free.
    1. The free conversations will be renewed on the 1st date of each month, regardless of your subscription renewal date with Wati.
    2. This is applicable for each active month in Wati, and for all plan types.
  2. Business-Initiated Conversations will be split into 3 categories: Marketing, Utility, and Authentication Conversations. These are all paid conversations, and will not count in any free tier.
    1. WATI dashboard will show the total Service-initiated and Business-initiated conversations, and not excluding the free 1000 conversations.
  3. All Referral Conversations (or Entry Point Conversations or CTWA Conversations) are free
  4. New rates will be applicable with new template categories. Please check the new country-wise rates here.

Estimating the cost of Business-Initiated and Service Conversations

  • A minimum 10 USD credit top-up is a must for each Wati account. This top-up amount can be used for both Service conversations and Business-initiated conversations
  • If your free 1000 conversations have run out, you need to top-up your Wati account with more credits. Click here to learn more.

Please input the correct number of utility broadcasts, authentication broadcasts and marketing broadcast numbers. To get a better understanding of the different kinds of templates, please check the below article:

You will also need to enter the number of service conversations, which is nothing but the user initiated conversations.

If you send broadcasts to initiate a conversation with your contact:
  • You will be charged a Business-initiated rate as per the template category you have used.
  • Each conversation last for 24 hours, after which it will be counted as a new conversation. To know more, click here.
Any template sent either via broadcast or automation (chatbot, keyword action, default action, sequence, etc) will always be chargeable
If your contact initiates the conversation with you:
  • You will be charged a Service (user-initiated) rate if you reply to them within 24 hours.

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What is Conversation Based Pricing?