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What is Conversation Based Pricing?

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Starting February 1st 2022, WhatsApp will switch from a notification-based pricing model to a conversation-based pricing model. Instead of being charged for template messages sent, businesses will be charged per conversation, which includes all messages delivered within a 24-hour period.

How does this work?

All conversations are measured in 24-hour increments, or "sessions", that start whenever the first message from a business is delivered.

The first message can be initiated by the business (business-initiated) or if a business replies within 24 hours of a user message (user-initiated).

Any business initiated message sent after 24 hours from the last user's last message will be considered as a new conversation.

Will anything be free?

  • First 1000 conversation messages per calendar month will be free (Business or User Initiated).
  • Conversations will not be charged when users message businesses using call-to-action buttons on Ads that click to WhatsApp or a Facebook Page CTA. Free entry point conversations can only be user-initiated.
  • Incoming messages from end-users (user initiated messages) will be free, until businesses reply to them.

Will there be any pricing impact?

WATI's pricing will be updating, please see our full pricing table here.

When will this change happen?

This will come into effect on February 1st 2022.

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