Introduction to Team Inbox Analytics

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The Wati Team Inbox Analytics page provides both real - time and historical data about the tickets and messages in Team Inbox and how efficiently the Team Inbox operators handled these tickets.

These analytics can be accessed from the Analytics tab on the main navigation menu and is availble to user on all the subscription plans.

Make sure you have the "Administrator" or "Dashboard viewer" to be able to access this page.

Date range filter

This filter allows you to select the date range for the data to be viewed. By default, data for the last 7 days is displayed on this page.

You can either choose from one of the quick date filters or select a custom date range using the date-picker. Both the to and from dates are inclusive in the filtered data.

Sample data preview

If your account does not have adequate data to be presented in the various charts on the Analytics page, you can choose to preview with sample data by turning ON the toggle switch on the top right.

We will populate the charts with some sample data to help you visualise the different charts. Please note that the date range cannot be amended while previewing sample data as it is for representational purpose only.

Some common chart elements

  • Tooltip: Each chart has a tooltip which explains the data shown in the chart and a link to read more about how the data is calculated.
  • Zoom in , Zoom out: Charts representing data over a period of time have the option to zoom in or out to view the data at a smaller or larger time interval. Use the +/- options or the [] option to select the area on the chart to zoom into. Use the hand icon to move along the chart and the undo icon to restore the chart to its default state.
  • Download: All charts on the page have an option to download the data. Click on the 3-dot menu and choose the format in which you would like to download the data.
  • Filters: The values shown in the chart legends are clickable and can be selected/un-selected to filter those values from the chart

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