How to add variants for items when Catalog created using Google Sheet

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1. Open your Google Sheet used for creating the Catalog and add an extra field column named "item_group_id"

2. In this field "item_group_id" enter the same group ID for all items that are variants of the same product.

As shown in the image below the items in the first and second row have item_group_id as Shirt_1 and the items in the third and fourth row have item_group_id as Shirt_2 hence there will be two 2 items with 4 variants in the catalog created.

Points to note:

a. Each individual variant still need its own unique content ID in the id field too as shown in the image below

b. If you've connected a partner platform such as Shopify, remember to manage your items on your platform, not in Commerce Manager. Any variants will sync to your catalogue automatically.

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