How to use Flow Timer

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Advanced Flow Timer functionality was added to WATI to help our users with managing the exact time that is needed to wait for their clients to respond.

To proceed to set up one's Flow Times, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Automation section of WATI
  1. Select Flows in the menu on the left
  1. Click "Flow Timer" button

One will see "Flow Timer" window displayed like that, you can click on the checkbox to enable it:

First timer ("If user does not reply...") acts as a countdown to the flow shutdown. It's always should be greater at least for one minute than the second timer.

Max flow expiration time for first timer is 24 hours (1440 minutes).

Second timer ("This exit flow notification...") acts as a way to remind the client that he has to respond to the flow, otherwise, flow will be shut down by the first timer.

In "Exit flow notification:" the user can set up a detailed message that will be displayed, in case the time set up in the first timer will be over.

How does it work?

A chosen message will be displayed, if user is not responding:

Now the user has some time before the second timer sets in to respond to the flow, if he will, the flow will not be interrupted.

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