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How To Add WhatsApp Number To Facebook or Instagram Pages

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Meta is continuously trying to integrate its core Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram to build a main seamless platform. Facebook has provided businesses the option to Add their WhatsApp Business number on their Facebook page.


1. Allows people visiting your page to interact with your business on WhatsApp.

2. Generate highly qualified leads when someone clicks on the WhatsApp button on your Facebook page.

3. Run Facebook Campaigns for 'Chat On WhatsApp' as a call to action.

How To Add WhatsApp Number To Facebook Page?

Make sure you have Admin access.

Step 1: Go to Facebook and click on your Facebook Page.

Step 2: Click on the settings of your page.

Add WhatsApp Number To Facebook

Step 3: Inside the 'Settings', scroll down the left menu and click on 'WhatsApp'.

Step 4: Add your country code and your WhatsApp number then click on 'Send Code'.

Step 5: You'll receive a code on your entered number. Enter the code to verify your number.

Step 6: Once successfully verified, you can add the WhatsApp button to your Facebook page.

How To Add WhatsApp Number To Instagram Page?

Instagram does not support adding a WhatsApp number directly to your page profile.

If you want to add your WhatsApp number to your Instagram page, you need to generate a link

For that. Then you need to put that link in the website section of your profile.

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile and tap on 'Edit profile'.

Step 2: enter in the website section.

E.g. where '91' will be your country code.

That's it. Now you have your WhatsApp number on your Instagram profile.

How To Add WhatsApp Chat Button To Website?

Adding a WhatsApp Chat Button to your website gives an easy way for your customers to talk to you directly and also reinforces confidence and trust in your business. A customizable chat button adds to your brand image and can be done for free.

How the final result of the WhatsApp chat button will look like.

Chat Button Settings:

STEP 1: Navigate to

WhatsApp Chat Button

STEP 2: Starting with the Button's background color, you can choose from the palette or enter the Hex Code of the color.

WhatsApp Chat Button Customization

STEP 3: Next you can type in your CTA (Call to action) text which will be displayed on the chat button.

Chat Button Customization

STEP 4: You can also customize the dimensions of your button and its positioning.

STEP 5: Continue to Chat Widget Settings.

Chat Widget Settings:

Enter the following brand details:

  • Brand Name
  • Brand Sub Title
  • Phone Number With Country Code
  • Welcome Text
  • Default User Message
  • Brand Image URL
  • Background Color and CTA Text
  • Border Radius
Features Of WhatsApp Chat Button

STEP 6: Click the Generate Widget Code.

STEP 7: You will see a code snippet, you need to copy the whole code by clicking the copy to clipboard.

Code Snippet

STEP 8: Go to the main page of your website and open its HTML code.

STEP 9: Paste the code between the <head> and <body> tags for all the web pages you wish to show the widget on.

STEP 10: Validate the presence of the WhatsApp Chat Button on your site

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