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How to view, search and delete operator?

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1. To view Operator:

When access to the Operator Management screen, the list of Operators will be shown. By default, it's showing 5 records per page. Users can select to view more than that on a page by selecting from the drop-down list box at the bottom.

2. To search Operator:

There is a search box on top of the Operator tab and this box can serve multiple purposes. Users can fill in any related information of an operator in it: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Role.

For example, we can try to search a list of operators who have role OPERATOR:

Or we can try to search a list of operators who have any information contain a specific text/name eg "nhi"

3. To delete operator:

  1. To delete a single operator, the user can click the three dots button in the right corner of each record of the operator from the Operator Management summary screen. Then choose "Remove Operator".
  2. To delete a list of the operator:

Step 1: We can try to search that list. For eg: find all operators with role OPERATOR in the system.

Step 2: Then tick the checkbox on the top left of the current set.

Step 3: Click the "Delete" icon on the top right of the set.

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