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How to allow users to Opt-Out or Unsubscribe from Broadcasts?

WhatsApp recommends that all businesses only send messages to users who have opted-in to receive messages from you.

It is always a good practice that businesses allow their users to opt-out of messages. This maintains the high quality rating status of the businesses and prevents them from being blocked.

Steps to enable unsubscribing/opt-out from messages?

  1. Add unsubscribe message to the footer of the template when creating a template

On the footer, you can add a message like this -

Reply STOP to stop receiving messages from us

You can decide your own unsubscribe keyword instead of "STOP" and replace above.

  1. Set keyword action for "Unsubscribe" keyword

Navigate to "Automation" --> Keyword Actions and add a new keyword action for "STOP" keyword as follows

  • Set a text reply with a message such as
    We're sorry to see you go 💔
    You've been unsubscribed from receiving messages from us.
    If you'd like to again start getting messages, reply with *START*

  • Set "Contact Attribute" --> AllowBroadcast = FALSE

  1. Set keyword action for "Subscribe" keyword

Under Keyword Actions, set another keyword action for "Subscribe" keyword such as "START"

  • Set a text reply with a message such as
    Welcome Back!
    You've been subscribed to receive messages from us.

  • Set "Contact Attribute" --> AllowBroadcast = TRUE

That's it.

Let's see it in action now.

How can users unsubscribe?

Users can simply unsubscribe from receiving messages by typing our unsubscribe keyword "STOP"

After they press this keyword, our keyword action would send them an auto-reply and also set their "AllowBroadcast = FALSE".. This will ensure that they do not get any future messages from WATI.

How can users subscribe back?

Users need to simply type the subscribe keyword "START"

After they press this keyword, they get an auto-reply and their "AllowBroadcast = TRUE".. This will ensure that they start getting messages from WATI.

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