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The phone number masking feature enables Admins to control which Team Inbox operator can view the customer phone number of the chats which are visible to them on Team Inbox.

Whether you want to refrain your support team users from viewing the phone number details or want to enable your sales team members to see the contact details so they can reach out over call, this feature has the flexibility to support multiple use cases.

This phone number masking feature is available on our Business plan only

How it works

For all users who have the role "Operator" assigned to them in User Management, there will be an option to "Hide contact details from user"

This setting can be enabled for for any user while creating or editing an existing user. When it is turned ON, phone numbers will appear as masked on Team Inbox.

By default, this setting will be turned OFF for all users and it can be enabled as required.

Team Inbox views

A user for whom this setting is turned on will only be able to see the first 3 digits and last 4 digits of the end user's phone number. This will be applicable for all the UI instances where phone number is shown, such as

General Team Inbox view

Phone number will be masked under contact information and system messages shown in the messaging window

Starting a new chat

All contacts shown while opting to start a new chat will have their phone numbers masked

Searching for chats

Searching for chats in Team Inbox through the contact phone number will still be possible by using the last 4 digits of the phone number which are visible

Quick replies and template messages

Wherever the contact attribute {{phone}} is referenced, be it in quick replies or template messages, the actual value of the phone number will be masked from all such UI slows visible to the Team Inbox operator.


This feature is only available on Wati desktop web currently and will be made available on the Android and iOS mobile apps soon.

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