Table of Contents Integration (Formerly Integromat) allows you to perform several programmatic actions including sending WhatsApp messages via WATI

There are innumerable use cases possible with integrations between Make and WATI. This document deals with one such specific but common use case: When a new row is added to a Google Sheet, send a WhatsApp Message from Make.

For this you will need:

  • A Make Account (Free account works too. You can signup here)
  • A Wati account.

Step By Step Guide

  1. On the Make Dashboard, click on Create a new scenario
  2. Click the + icon and search for Google Sheets
  3. Select the Watch Rows option as the trigger condition
  4. Before moving on to the next step, create a new Google spreadsheet in your account and add a Header row
    (A row containing column titles like Name, Phone Number, etc)
  5. Create a new connection with your Google account by clicking Add
    Choose the Spreadsheet ID and Sheet name created in the previous step
    Click OK
  6. Click + icon to add a module and choose HTTP
  7. Select Make a request
  8. Add URL. The request URL for sending template messages is https://live-server-<wati_number><phone_number
    <wati_number> can be found in the API docs section
    Set method to POST
    Add Header 1: Name Content-Type , Value application/json-patch+json
    Add Header 2: Name Authorization , Value Bearer Token
    Bearer Token can be found in the API docs section
  9. Select Body type as Raw
    Content type: application/json
    Request content:
    The Request content will change based on your scenario. You have to pass your own approved template_name and parameters as per below JSON sample
    "template_name": "<enter_template_name_here>",
    "broadcast_name": "enter_broadcast_name_here",
    "parameters": [
    "name": "<enter_parameter1_here>",
    "value": "<enter_value_of_parameter1_here>"
  10. Add a test row to the sheet and Press the Run button (if successful, you will see a green tick beside both steps)
  11. The template message is sent as a broadcast to the Whatsapp Number mentioned in the Request URL

The procedure for any integration between Make and WATI will follow similar steps as this use case.

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