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Send WhatsApp Message from Integromat

To send WhatsApp Message using Integromat you will need to have:

  • Integromat Account (Free account also works)
  • Endpoints to send WhatsApp message

Note: You must be approved to use WhatsApp Business API and you can apply for the same through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider such as

Step By Step Guide

  1. On the Integromat Dashboard, click on “Create a new scenario”
  1. On the services to integrate choose “HTTPS”.

Also, add the other services that you want to use as “Trigger”. For example, Google Sheet/ActiveCampaign, etc.

  1. Define your trigger condition. For Example, “Watch a new row on Google Sheet”.

You can create any trigger based on your needs. It could be “When a form is filled on website”, “When a new event occurs on a Calendar”

  1. Add another module “HTTP”.
  1. Choose the option “Make a request”
  1. Add the below details

URL: Endpoint URL for your WATI Account

Note: This shall be available under “API Docs” on the WATI Portal.

Method: POST

Headers:Name: AuthorizationValue: {{Bearer-Token}} [ Note: This shall be available under “API Docs” on the WATI Portal ]

Body Type: Raw

Content Type: JSON (application/json)

Request Content:


"template_name": "appointment_reminder",

"broadcast_name": "appointment_reminder",

"parameters": "[{"name":"name","value":"John"}]"


Note: The above shall change based on your needs. You can pass your own approve template_name and parameters for the template

  1. Click on ‘Run Once’ to test it

The message shall be triggered on WhatsApp

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