CTWA Feature Highlights on WATI

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In this article, we'll talk about

  1. how to identify customers who have clicked on your ads and interacted with your business.
  2. how to see your ad performance and other ad insights

Note: The CTWA feature is available for only our Pro & Business Plan customers

Identifying CTWA conversations

1. Get to see which all users have engaged with your Click to Whatsapp Ads (CTWA) from Wati team inbox itself.

As shown in the image above when a customer has engaged with the CTWA ad the CTWA notification will get shown in chat listing section in the team inbox area. By this you can come to know which of your contacts have interacted with the CTWA Ad.

2. Segment & Filter CTWA customers exclusively from the Team Inbox area itself by choosing the option CTWA as shown in the image below

3. When a user/contact interacts with the CTWA Ad two contact attributes are created source_id & source_url automatically. And the source_id will contain the AD id & source_url will contain the AD URL

If you run multiple CTWA Ad campaigns you can come to know from which CTWA Ad campaign did your users interact with, as you get to see the AD Id & AD URL values in the contact attributes.

CTWA Insights

Head on over to Dashboard > CTWA

💡 You will also see the number of contacts that have clicked on this ad and you will be able to export this information. You can use this information to plan your next set of marketing campaigns.

💡You will also see carts received for this ad ( if you're using the catalog feature on Wati).

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