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Advance flow builder: Template

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When can use Template in Flow Builder?

Advanced Flow Builder features are an add-on to the regular plan and are charged separately

By default, this icon is shown with the "PRO" logo as below.

This icon can still be used to build a flow under the regular plan and the flow can be saved successfully. However, when we want to select these advanced flows to use as Keyword Action or Default Action, there will be a pop-up asking us to upgrade in order to use these advanced flow builder features.

After upgrading WATI to the PRO plan, we can use these advanced flows in Keyword or Default Action.

Meaning and Usage

Template: This will allow us to select any approved template messages to send to the customer.

This is very useful in case customer information is collected in previous steps and update into contact attributes and send a template message with those attributes.

Open the "Template" node, we can select the dropdown list of the approved templates.


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