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How should I choose a phone number for WhatsApp?

You must use a valid phone number and must include a country and area code. The phone number must be able to receive calls or SMS for account verification.

There are 3 types of eligible phone numbers:

-       Landlines (make sure you are able to to receive voice OTP's)

-       Cell phones – can be used as long as the number has not been used for WhatsApp in the last 6 months

-       1-800 or toll-free numbers – possible as long as the phone number is capable of receiving SMS or voice calls directly. You will not be able to use numbers that are behind IVR.

The number you use to sign up for WATI must not be used on any other WhatsApp applications (WhatsApp Personal/WhatsApp Business). If you are using it elsewhere, please delete that account.

To delete your existing WhatsApp account, please refer the article below:


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