Advance Flow Builder: Time Delay

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When can use Time Delay in Flow Builder?

Advanced Flow Builder features are an add-on to the regular plan and are charged separately

By default, this icon is shown with the "PRO" logo as below.

This icon can still be used to build a flow under the regular plan and the flow can be saved successfully. However, when we want to select these advanced flows to use as Keyword Action or Default Action, there will be a pop-up asking us to upgrade in order to use these advanced flow builder features.

After upgrading WATI to the PRO plan, we can use these advanced flows in Keyword or Default Action.

Meaning and Usage

Time Delay Node: This node allows us to give the flow a pause or just put a delay in between the flow. One very good use case of this could be if you would want to send multiple messages but not at once and give a period of interval between two nodes.

Example: You have a flow like in the image below:

Now, as you can see I have three messages attached to each other and when we trigger this flow all three messages will be sent at once. What if I want to give some time to read the message first and then send the other one or just set a time interval between two nodes.

I will use the Time Delay Node, and to use it here are some simple steps:

  1. Login to WATI and navigate to the flow where you would want to add the node.
  2. Now, from the left column of nodes. Select Time Delay Node.
  1. Attach the time delay node to the flow where you would want to set the delay.
  2. After that, press the pen icon on the node to edit it.
  1. A dialogue will open up, set the time of minutes and seconds of delay. (The maximum is 10 minutes and the minimum is 1 second)
  1. Press Save and Save your flow.

There you go this is how you can use the Time Delay Node.

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