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What if the 'Start Verification' button is greyed?

To find your Facebook BMID, please refer to this article.
Alternatively, if you apply for WhatsApp API directly from our website, your button will be automatically enabled.

What would you do if the start verification button is greyed out on your Facebook Business Manager?

  • To apply for WhatsApp Business API, it is good to have your Facebook Business Account verified.
  • But its a very common issue to see the 'Start Verification' button under 'Business Info' greyed out and you cannot click on it.
What should I do if my Business Verification button is Greyed out?

To enable this 'Start Verification' button, you should first sign up for a WATI account.

  1. Go to this link:
    1. Choose from our Standard or Pro plan - you have the choice to
    2. Complete your payment
  2. Once payment is completed, you wlll be directed to our Embedded sign-up page
    1. Login with your Facebook Account
    2. Fill in the required details
    3. Choose your Facebook Business Manager Account
    4. Create a new WhatsApp account
    5. Complete the remaining steps
After you complete all the above steps, your "Start Verification" button will be enabled

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How can I contact Facebook Team for Business Verification Issues?

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