How to test a flow?

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In this article, we will explain to you how to create a simple flow, test it, and finally make it live as a chatbot!!

There are two ways you can test a flow, one is by "Adding keyword action". The second is by "Triggering it from team Inbox chat".

1st Method: "Adding Keyword action"

Step 1: Creating a flow from scratch:

Please go to "Automations" tab, go to "Flows" in sidebar and then click on "Add flow" as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 2: Here a simple flow : "Not interested" has been created . The objective of the flow is to ask "Not Interested" customers , if they would like to opt out and thereby capturing their response in a google sheet.

Please check the screenshot below for the flow structure.

Step 3: Test the flow by linking it to "Keyword Action"

We will create a keyword "Not interested" in our WATI automations which should invoke this flow.

Please go to "Automations" tab, and then click on "Keyword Action" tab and then click on "Add keyword " as shown in below screenshot.

Please follow the below screenshots to create one and link the flow.

Give a suitable name for the keyword i.e. "Not interested" which if matches will trigger this flow.

Once keyword is created, choose either "Exact matching" or "Fuzzy matching" as per your need. Then click on "Next step" as shown in below screenshot.

After clicking on "Next step" window, please click on "flows", check the relevant flow "Not interested" in this case and then click on "save".

Step 5: Now , that our keyword action and flow has been set up, we are ready to test our flow with the keyword.

Please raise a chat with "Not interested" and we can see the flow working as per our design and the response being captured in our google sheet.

Please note that once a flow is triggered, and if an agent takes over in between, the flow will stop. The Bot can work if the flow is triggered again. Also, two flows can't run simultaneoulsy for a single chat.

You can test any flow by triggering it through a keyword action and finally, you can make it live as per your requirement.

Second Method: Trigger it from the team inbox chat

Step 1: Send a Whatsapp message from your personal Whatsapp account to your WATI number.

Step 2: Go to your chat in Team inbox as shown below and click on trigger flow for the chat initiated by you.

Step 3: Click on the "side arrow" to see the list of flows in your account and choose the flow you want to test as shown below.

Step 4 : Now we can start testing the flow , the end user being yourself replying from your personal Whatsapp account.

Hope this helps!!!

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