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Flow Builder: What is a node and how many types of node?

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What is a node?

In each flow, there are many nodes.

A node is basically a "step" in the flow.

When user triggers the keyword to that flow, bot will show the content of the first node (starting node) and follow conditions to trigger the next node. For example in starting node, if "Yes" move to second node, if "No" exit the flow.

There are the arrows that show each case when it will be triggered to next node.

From screenshot below, you can see 4 nodes in flow named "Feedback For Using WATI" (there are subsequent addition nodes that are not showed in current screenshot)

How many types of node?

We have 2 types of WATI plan: Standard and Professional (Reference:

And so we also have two types of nodes: one called "standard" which all users can use even you are subscribing WATI standard plan, and other called "pro" which only available for PRO plan.

  • Standard node includes 3 types: "Send a message", "Ask a question" and "Set a condition"
  • PRO node includes Operations nodes and Integration nodes as below. They are very powerful and can support user many actions.

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