How to add an attribute in bulk to a list of contacts?

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Add a new Contact list

To add an attribute in bulk to a new list of contacts into WATI, we need to:...

  1. Access the "Contacts" screen, click "Download Sample Excel" to download the Contacts import template.
  1. Fill data into the file. The template already containing Name, Phone, Required Attributes: Allow Broadcast and Allow SMS, two sample columns of inputting attributes (Attribute 1 and Attribute 2)
  • Allow Broadcast: If set to TRUE, allow this contact to receive the broadcast messages
  • Allow SMS: If set to TRUE, allow this contact to receive the SMS messages
  • For attributes, from column E onwards, the user can input attributes. The first line is to input attribute name eg Address, URL,...
  • If with that attribute, the contact doesn't have any data, the user can leave it blank.
  1. Select Import from excel, upload the inputted file and we can now see the imported contacts with full attributes

Update attributes of existing contacts

To update attributes of existing contacts, firstly user need to download existing contact to excel file by selecting the "Export to Excel" button

After download, the template will contain the full list of contact and their attributes.

User can update old attributes and amend new attributes data, by following step 2 and 3 above in case create and update attributes of new contacts.

Notes: The option to upload including Rewrite All and Skip All. "Rewrite All" means when uploading the file, if the contact is duplicated, it will use new data from the excel file. "Skip All" means if the contact is duplicated, it will ignore and keep old data.

If the user wants to add an attribute(s) into the bulk of existing contacts, the user needs to choose "Rewrite All".

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