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Why is my flow not working?

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After configuring a flow automation, you may have run into cases where your flow does not trigger or has stopped.  In this article, we will cover the most common scenarios.

Why is my flow not triggering?

  • Starting Node not connected or not properly set

If there is no starting step or no message or any text set in any node, it might pass the impression that the flow did not trigger, but it was the due to the lack of data. Below is an example of setting a starting step: 

Click the three dots button, then select "Set start node"

  • Keyword not matching 

Check if the keyword configured to trigger the flow automation is the correct one.  Some keywords are configured  as “Exact Match”, meaning that if one letter is different or is missing, the keyword will not trigger.

  • Chat assignment

In order for the flow to trigger from keywords or default actions, the chat should be assigned to a Bot. Automation will not work if the chat is assigned to an operator. 

Why did my flow stop?

There are several scenarios in which the trigger works properly but the flow stops working and does not complete. 

  • Currently the flow does not accept an image or other media as an answer and due to this, the flow will stop. 
  • There is an expiration time to each flow. If the contact does not respond within the set time, the flow will end. You can set the expiration time below: 
    • As per the configuration below, if there is no reply in 2 minutes, the flow will end, and the contact’s reply afterwards will not be considered by the flow.
    • Please note that the minimum amount of time allowed will be 1 and the maximum will be 1440 minutes (24 hours).

After clicking in the cogwheel in the upper right corner (2), you will be able to set the expiration time : 

  • Misconfiguration of subsequent nodes could also be a reason. Webhook nodes, Google Spreadsheet nodes and other nodes could have been misconfigured and prevents the flow to keep on running. 
  • Select buttons or list messages in the previous steps of the flow
  • Unexpected answers are also a possible reason. For example, the flow is expecting “1”, “2” or “3” and if the contact replies with something different like “4” or “hello”, the flow will also stop.
For unexpected answers, you can make use of the "General"/"Default" option to cater all responses that are unmatched with all the available options in the question/button node. You may link to a message asking user to answer again and link it back to the original node or link to other nodes based on the design of the flow.
  • If a flow has used features that require a Pro plan, it can only be used if the account is on a Pro plan. If you are using the regular plan, once you remove the pro features from the flow, you would be able to trigger it through a keyword.

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