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How to add/import Shopify Contacts into WATI

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There are two methods by which you can import your contacts from Shopify over to WATI.

Method 1 - Template Batch Upload

  1. Export all your contacts from your Shopify Customers page
  1. Go to your WATI account, and click on "contacts" tab
  2. Download the sample excel sheet
  1. Fill in the excel sheet; with customer name and remember to add in the country code of the phone number, e.g HK is 852 so the number should be 85212345678
You can update the attributes at a later time, leave it blank
  1. Upload this excel by clicking the "import" button

Method 2 - Manual Update

  1. Go to "Contacts" page; and click on "Add Contact +"
  1. Enter the name and phone number; remember to use the country code indication too, e.g HK is 852 so the number should be 85212345678
  2. Tick "allow broadcast" and "allow SMS", then click save

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