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Security FAQs


Q: Do you provide a Dedicated database?

A: Dedicated hosting allows you to choose the location of the hosting country for a fee of USD 1000/month.

Q: Network Segmentation?

A: Each WATI is hosted in its own docker container with its network. Machine details shall be made available upon request.

Q: Is my data separated from other customers?

A: Yes, your data will be segregated from other customers and stored in a separate database. 

Audit Log Control, Log Retention (Login Retention, Change Log Retention)

Q: Does the application capture user access activities like successful logon, logoff, and unsuccessful login attempts?

A: Yes, audit logs are captured for all access-related events and are available on demand.

Q: Are audit log files protected from unauthorized alteration?

A: Yes, the log files are read-only and require permission to access.

Q: Can the application continue normal operation even when security audit capability is non-functional? (For example, if the audit log reaches capacity, the application should continue to operate and should either suspend logging, start a new log, or begin overwriting the existing log)

A: Yes, application performance is independent of audit log capture.

Backup & Recovery 

(Backup Policy, Recovery Point of Objective, Recovery Point of Time)

We backup our data twice a day and store them for 365 days.

Backup sites

Data is backed up daily on multi-region clouds. (Multi-region: Using GCP Storage Bucket)

Penetration Test

The last Penetration test was done in May 2023

Current offer:

  1. Security bundle - $129/month
    1. Whitelist IPs that can access WATI (ie only your Office IP)
  2. Dedicated Hosting - $1000/month
    1. You can choose your preferred hosting location

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