Advance flow builder: Setup Assign Agent / Assign Team

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When can use "Assign agent" or "Assign team" in Flow Builder?

Advanced Flow Builder features are an add-on to the regular plan and are charged separately

By default, these two icons are shown with the "PRO" logo as below.

These icons can be set up in the flow using a normal plan and the flow can be saved successfully. But when we set up to use in Keyword or Default Action, the system will prompt out popup asking the user to upgrade to use these advanced flow builder features

After upgrading WATI to the PRO plan, the user can use these advanced flows in Keyword or Default Action.

Meaning and Usage

Assign agent: This will assign the chat to a specific agent. If the agent doesn't belong to the current team(s) in the team list of tickets, the "Assign agent" is still working and the team of assigned agents will be added automatically into the team list of tickets.

Assign team: This will assign the chat to a specific team(s) so that all assigned teams can see the chat

To use the above two features, simply select the icon and drag it into the flow, also drag the arrow from the step node that needs the action Subscribe or Unsubscribe. Or, the User can also drag the arrow from the last node, and select to choose the icon. For "Assign agent", the user needs to select only one agent from the list. For "Assign team", the user needs to select one or multiple teams from the list.


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