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Advance chatbot builder: Setup Assign User / Assign Team

When can use "Assign User" or "Assign team" in Chatbot Builder?

Advanced Chatbot Builder are available in the Pro & Business Plan only. Read more about our plans

On your Wati Chatbot Builder, there are options to Assign User or Assign Team.

These operations can be used to build a Chatbot under the Growth plan and the chatbot can be saved successfully.

However, when you want to select these advanced chatbots to use as Keyword Action, Default Action or in Team Inbox (Trigger Chatbot), there will be a pop-up asking us to upgrade in order to use these advanced Chatbot Builder features.

After upgrading Wati to the Pro or Business plan, we can use these advanced chatbots in Keyword or Default Action.

Meaning and Usage

Assign user: This will assign the chat to a specific user. If the user doesn't belong to the current team(s) in the team list of tickets, the "Assign user" is still working and the team of assigned users will be added automatically into the team list of tickets.

Assign team: This will assign the chat to a specific team(s) so that all assigned teams can see the chat

To use the above two features, simply select the operation from the left menu and drag it into the chatbot, also drag the arrow from the step node that needs the action Subscribe or Unsubscribe. Or, we can also drag the arrow from the last node, and select the operation.

For "Assign user", we need to select only one agent from the list. For "Assign team", we need to select one or multiple teams from the list.


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