2021.06.1 - Released on Nov 2021

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Release Version Note

Tested in latest stable versions on windows:

  • Chrome: Version 95.0.4638.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Edge: Version 95.0.1020.40 (Official build) (64-bit)
  • Firefox: 94.0 (64-bit)

Overall Updates

  • Improved performance of WATI.
  • Increased security enhancement for IOS and Android WATI users.
  • Apply security enhancement for WATI web: enforce strong password policy, etc

WATI Web Enhancement

  1. Automation
  • Able to copy flows
  • Send a Message: Now has added upload and send videos capability
  • Send a Message: Can upload and send audio files
  1. User Settings
  • Change your profile avatar
  1. Team Inbox
  • Filter chats by oldest to newest in Active chats

  • Copy and paste conversation team inbox chat links to new tabs
  • Add Retry button next to failed icon to resend the failed message.
  • Support keyboard shortcut.
  1. Broadcasts
  • Allow Auto recharge credit for sending broadcast: when remaining credit falls below a number, it will auto recharge.

WATI Bug Fixes

  • Able to import chats with more than 1000 contacts
  • Search for contacts on contacts page
  • Team inbox macros with attachments can be sent out

WATI Integrations

  • Zoho integration: Allow to send template message as buttons.
  • Hubspot integration: Allow synchronize contact from Hubspot to WATI and vice versa.

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