How to use sequence feature?

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What is and where to access the sequence feature?

Sequence feature is an add-on to the regular plan and is charged separately

The sequence feature allows the user to schedule messages (in various formats) sending in sequence and immediately or after a period of time.

To access the "Sequence" feature, the user needs to go to Automation --> Sequence

What is there in the Sequence feature?

Users can click the "Add Sequence" button to create a new Sequence, fill in the sequence name and click the "Add New" button.

Then the user needs to click the "+ Message" button.

From the Message Setting below, there will have several steps:

  1. Select Action: Those are reply materials which user can select to send to the customer. Currently, we supported: Text, Image, Document, Template, Sticker, Video.
  1. After selecting an action, the user needs to set up the time of sending that message. The time can be in "days", "hours" or "minutes" after a previous message.

If the message is the first message, and the user setup time is eg 5 minutes, it means after the user triggers this sequence, 5 mins later the first message will be sent.

If the message is any subsequent message, and user setup time is eg 5 minutes, it means after the previous message is sent for 5 mins, this message will be sent.

  1. To select the time range, the user can choose either option "Any time" or option "Send between" and fill in the time from and to.

For the option "Send between", if at the time the message needs to be sent, it doesn't fall into that setup time, the message will not be sent today but wait until tomorrow at exactly that time to send.

  1. Choose the date: Similarly, when clicking on "Any days", it will show the list of 7 days in a week for the user to select. If at the time the message needs to be sent, it doesn't fall into that setup day, the message will not be sent but wait until the first selected day to send.

Then it will also need to combine between 3 and 4, Eg only sends during 10 am-11 am of Monday.

  1. Cancel: Cancel the current inputted data
  2. Save: after finish setup, click "Save" to save the action, then you can add new action after that.


  • To edit the sequence name, the user can click the pen icon beside the sequence name as in the below image:
  • To edit each action in the sequence, the user can click the pen button on the right side of each action.
  • Also, to delete the action, the user can click the trash bin button.

How to trigger sequence?

The sequence itself is also considered as "reply material". So to trigger it, the user needs to create a keyword and add the sequence into reply material.

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