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What is WATI Automation Feature?

WATI Automation

This is a module that allows users to automate customer inquiries by building a no-code WhatsApp Chatbot. Users can set up common keywords to quickly auto-respond to customers, acting as a first layer to filter messages that don't need a live agent interaction.

Example of use cases:

  • Sending a default welcome message when a new chat is started
  • When customers ask questions during working hours but no follow-up to our reply after a few
  • When customers ask questions outside of working hours

In TeamInbox below, it shows a Bot automatically taking over conversations when a new chat is started. This is triggered if certain conditions are matched, such as when no agent is assigned to a chat yet. You may choose to trigger these chatbots as a default action for all chats or based on specific keywords or various other conditions.

Keywords Matching

With Keyword Matching, you can define Keywords that your customers might usually ask, such as “Company information” or “Company phone number”. When customers send a message with these Keywords, they will get an auto-reply which you can customize.

Exact matching - your customer’s message must 100% match the Keyword

Fuzzy Matching - as long as the message contains a certain % of the Keyword

Example: If you create the Keyword “Tell me about your company information” and your customer asks “your company information”,

  • with Exact matching, the bot will not reply anything
  • with Fuzzy Matching, the bot will reply according to the rule you set

You can also set emojis as your Keyword!

Note that you can create only 100 keyword actions on Wati's all plans.

To get more keyword actions, you can request an add-on with upto 1000 keyword actions. Please email our team on for the same.

Please see the below guide to add "Keyword actions":

Default Action

Default Action acts as a backup plan when Keyword Matching does not auto-reply to a message. With this, you can automate replies outside your working hours, follow up on slow customer replies, or send a last reminder to your customer before the 24-hour messaging timeframe expires.

Example of use cases:

  • When it is not working hours and there is no customer service online
  • Send a welcome message when a new chat is started and no Keyword search criteria are met
  • During working hours, users wait more than xx minutes without any reply
  • During out-of-office, send out-of-office messages always (even if a Keyword match is found)

Reply Material

Reply Material is where you can define and store the format of your responses to be used in all your WATI automation. This is where you can add, edit, and delete auto-replies to your customers.

You can use one or a combination of these:

  • Text
  • Document
  • Image
  • Video
  • Stickers
  • Flows
  • Sequence
  • Contact Attributes
  • Template messages


Routing is designed to manage your team more effectively, without letting your customers see what happens behind the scenes and thus not affecting your customer experience.

We have 3 types of Routing:

  • Send Notification: when a customer sends the word “complain” in their message, you can set your routing to send a notification to the manager of your team
  • Assign To Operator: when a customer sends “buy product” in their message, the chat will automatically be assigned to a sales agent
  • Assign To Team: similar to “assign to an operator”, but you can assign to the entire sales team instead of just a sales agent


Flows can be used to reply to customers’ further queries based on a pre-defined setup, unlike basic auto-reply which can only reply to a single reply. In our WATI standard plan, you can set up to 10 flows - send a message, ask a question, or set a condition.

Below is an example of an Interactive Message, where users can select or interact with the auto-reply message without live agent interaction.

We have 2 main types of Interactive messages:

  • List Messages: allow users to select an answer from a menu of up to 10 replies

  • Reply Buttons: a quick response option where users can choose from a maximum of 3 short replies

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