What is WATI Automation Feature?

Automation Function allows users to set up common keywords to quickly respond to customers when the agent hasn't picked up the chat yet.

This tab also has working hours setting each day and out of office responses.

You can build a WhatsApp Chatbot without coding using our automation feature.

From the "Automation" menu, you can see there are four main parts:

  • Keyword Action: This section is to create lists of keywords that customers might usually ask, along with our reply accordingly. For example, we can create a list of keywords: Company information, Company Address, Company Phone number... When customers ask "Can you tell me about your company address", then the bot can reply: Here is our address and phone number... For more detail, please refer to the below sections:

- What is Keyword Action?

- How do I add a Keyword Action?

  • Default Action: This section having some pre-defined default actions and allows us to set up a keyword for each default action. For example, you can send a default welcome message when a new chat is started, or out of office message. You can read more from the below articles: 

- What and how to add a Default Action?

- Quick tips: How can I set out of office messages?

  • Reply Material: This is where you can add common replies in your preferred format as Keyword responses. Reply material can be text, document, image, stickers, flows, contact attributes, templates. For more detail, below are some articles:

- What is a Reply Material?

- How do I add a Reply Material?

  • Routing: Routing is also a part of Reply Material. Specifically, it will not show any reply to customers, but it will notify/assign to selected operators/teams. For more detail, please refer to these articles:

- What and how to set up Routing?

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How does WATI Automation Feature work?