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Hubspot Integration

Send WhatsApp Message from HubSpot

To integrate with WATI, the customer's HubSpot account needs to be a Professional plan or higher.
To add or delete any integration please contact our support team at
We have stopped using for contacting customer support. Please email us at for any support/technical queries or at for any billing issues.

To send automated WhatsApp messages using HubSpot Integration, you will need to meet the following conditions:

- You must be a HubSpot user.

- You will need to create Workflow to send automated WhatsApp messages from HubSpot, and your account must be HubSpot Professional Plan and above. Please refer to the following link to upgrade:

+ HubSpot Sales Professional (please refer to the link for detailed price:

+ HubSpot Marketing Professional (please refer to the link for detailed price:

+ HubSpot Service Professional (please refer to the link for detailed price:

- You will need to have a WhatsApp Business API: With WATI, you will get a very simple yet effective way to send Whatsapp Messages using HubSpot Integration.

Step by Step Guide

1. Create HubSpot Account by accessing the link:, click on Get Started Free button to create a new account:

And following is the screen for you to create a new account in HubSpot:

Please type in the following: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, click on the checkbox, and click Next button.

After some confirmations, HubSpot will send you an email to activate your account:

Click to Confirm email address button, it will go to the page for you to create your password and Finish Sign Up.

2. Login into WATI: go to the Integration module, choose HubSpot and click the Install App button.

3. Select your account to install the app:

And Click the “connect app” button.

If the app is successfully installed, it will be redirected to WATI.

4. Go to HubSpot on a new tab and choose your account:

The following page will be displayed:

Choose Automation menu -> Workflows: Click Create WorkFlow button and name your workflow here:

5. Set Enrollment triggers:

And choose Contact properties = First Name then input value, click Apply Filter

And Save button:

6. Select action of the app:

7. Fill out the form with correct information (you can refer to the help description by moving the mouse over to the "i" icon):

You can find the parameter names beside the template name in the curly bracket.

You can also select the variables you need for your contact through "Contact token" button like the above example.

And save and check out the result inserted by you:

8. Turn on your Workflow by clicking the Review button:

If you have no enrolled contact, you can create a new one that has the first name “anna” to trigger your workflow.

9. And following is the message sent to WhatsApp:

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