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Mobile version 2.7.0 - Released on 14th Mar 2022

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WATI Mobile Enhancements

  • Add "Quick Reply" module in the left hand side menu: in this mobile version, we support more actions and two ways to access Quick Reply:

1. Access by click to Quick Reply in main menu: the list of all quick replies will be displayed and allow user to search and sort by Most Used/Newest First.

2. Access by click to edit button in chat page after input '/' character to start searching quick reply:

  • New UI of creating new Quick Reply which allows user to add variables in message content, and also be able to show Preview of photo/video/documents before saving.
  • "Tags" feature: User can easily create a Tag by assigning the Tag name. It can be added to a chat and then filter chat list by Tag.
  • Message icon handling on Contact list:

- If the WhatsApp number is invalid, the message button won't be displayed on that contact.

- If the WhatsApp number is valid:

If there is no conversation before, open up the "Select & Send Template Message" UI. Because WATI can only send template messages to this type of contact.

If there is conversation existing, open up the chat page.

WATI Mobile bug fixes

  • Fix crash issue on SafariServices.
  • Fix issue chat displayed as Previewer for Admin for non-expired chat.
  • Fix issue which search contact criteria has been reset after user click Back icon on mobile screen.
  • Fix UI issue about notification bar of trial user.

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