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Mobile version 2.6.0 - Released on 23rd Feb 2022

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WATI Mobile Enhancements

  • Change the dropdown values for reasons of using WATI as follows:
  • Previously we have added some introductory pages for advanced features but some are not available on mobile, so we would like to add a Preview button beside those features to be more clearer:

WATI Mobile bug fixes

  • Fix the issue the chat is not removed from the Unassigned chat list of the Admin's list after it is assigned to the Operator.
  • Fix the issue that the quick reply list can not be loaded fully after removing one.
  • Fix the issue in which the mobile got an error when clicking on the quoted link in Template Message sent.

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Mobile version 2.7.0 - Released on 14th Mar 2022

Mobile version 2.5.0 - Released on 15th Feb 2022