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What is a Reply Material?

While building a Chatbot using WATI Automation, you can create fixed reply templates that can be used to reply as a part of keyword action or default action.

Note: Please design the reply material such that some common content can be used in many keywords replies.

Text: The material can be text content with emoji supported.

Document: The material can be any files uploaded eg pdf, xls, doc...

Image: The material can be any image supported file eg jpg, png...

Stickers: The material is stickers with extension .webp with the size 100kb (512x512 pixels)

Chatbots: The material is a chatbots with allow the customer to interact with the bot follow serial questions-answers format. The chatbot can be set in the "Chatbots" menu.

Contact Attributes: This material is to set the existing attribute(s) of customers to specific values. This means if customer chat matching a keyword of this reply material, that customer will have the attributes updated to new values.

Templates: The material can re-use the approved template for the auto-reply purpose.

Sequences: The material can trigger pre-created sequences from the Automation module as a reply material.

Sample Reply Materials:

  1. Welcoming Message:
    Hi {{name}}, how can I help you? 1. Opening Hour
    2. Shop Locations
    3. Pricing
    4. Talk to an agent
  2. Opening Hour
    Please note that our opening hour is from Mon-Fri from 9am to 6pm. Public holidays are closed. 🕰
  3. Shop Locations
    We have 2 shops in Hong Kong:
    - 1 Star Street, Central
    - 3 Moon Street, Kowloon
    Come visit us, we look forward to seeing you!😇
  4. Pricing
    Thank you for your interest! Please see the attachment below to understand more our products.
    [[Can choose an image / PDF file]]
  5. Talk to an agent
    Hi {{name}}, please wait while we are appointing a live agent to handle your case.
  6. Out of office:
    Hi {{name}}, sorry we are out of office now. Please contact us again during our office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).
  7. 24 hours:
    Hi {{name}}, hope you are well. This chat will be closing in 1 hour. If you have more questions, please feel free to message us again!
  8. Slower response during working hours:
    Hi {{name}}, thank you for your message. Our agents will get back to you asap.

Thank you!

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