What does sandbox and expanded sandbox mean?

Jair García Updated by Jair García

In the newest Onboarding Flow for WhatsApp API, you can quickly get access to WhatsApp API even while your Facebook Business is not verified and WhatsApp account review is under process.

WhatsApp allows two kinds of Sandbox Access -

1. Sandbox

2. Expanded Sandbox

With each of the above sandbox accesses, there are a few limitations.

Account Type

Template Message Limit

Session Message Limit


10 messages per day

2 recipients per day

Unlimited messages

2 recipients per day

Expanded Sandbox

10 messages per day

2 recipients per day

1,500 conversations

If you want to get expanded Sandbox access, you must have submitted your Facebook Business Verification Documents on your Facebook Business Manager.

Here's a guide: https://www.wati.io/verify-facebook-business-manager-account-business-verification/

Note: If your WhatsApp Account is not approved with 30 days since onboarding, your sandbox access shall be revoked.

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