Enable Support for Your Shopify Stores Third Party Checkout Providers URL

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Are you using third party checkout providers such as Gokwik, Shopflo or Zecpe for your Shopify store and noticing that your abandoned checkout automated messages are not getting sent.

If that's the case then please enable the knob in the area named Checkout link just below the abandoned recovery automated message section.

Once the Knob is enabled Wati would pick the checkout URL from the Notes section in the Orders pages of Shopify merchant account.

Note: The third party checkout providers need to notified by the merchant to provide the checkout URLs in the Notes section.

Other Points to Note:

  • The option to enable this feature is available for only Pro & Business plan customers
  • Wati customers who have subscribed to our old pricing plans named Standard & Professional plans to avail this feature will have to migrate to the new Pro or Business pricing plans.

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