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Why Whatsapp Message Sender is not working?

After configuring Whatsapp Message Sender, you may have run into cases where your message does not trigger.  In this article, we will cover the most common scenarios.

Why WhatsApp Message Sender is not working?

The WhatsApp status of the phone number is invalid.
  • The format status in Whatsapp Message Sender only checks the phone format, not the WhatsApp status. The WhatsApp status can only be checked in the broadcast history on WATI and it indicates whether the number is registered on WhatsApp or not.
Insufficient amount of credits
The endpoint is not set and saved correctly.
  • The best practice is to test to check if it is successful before saving the endpoint and token.
The number of selected cells in template parameters does not match the number of selected phone numbers.
  • For example, two cells are selected for the template parameter, but there is only one phone number selected in the sheet.

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