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What are Actions?

Actions are all the things you can do within Wati whenever a Rule is triggered. We currently support:

  • sending template message
  • sending session message (text, image, stickers etc)
  • starting a chatbot
  • routing a chat to a specific agent or team
We will be adding more Actions soon, even 3rd party Actions. Let us know which Actions you want here!

Limitations of Actions

There are some Actions that might not work in certain scenarios due to WhatsApp limitation.

Let's look at an example -

In this Rule, when the attribute shop_name is added, Wati should automatically send a Smiley sticker (webp) to the contact. However, if there is no open conversation with the contact, this message will fail to send.

In that case, you might want to use choose a new Action - Send template message.

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