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How to use pre-defined variables in Shopify?

What are these pre-defined variables?

When a customer places an order or add items to a cart, Shopify will send this information directly to WATI. These variables represent information may include the customer's order information, abandoned cart information, and useful links. These will be useful when you create your own personalized templates.

Most of the fixed variables are designed to be used in the text body of template message for sending automated WhatsApp messages with Shopify, including:

- shop_name

- abandoned_checkout_url

- abandoned_checkout_url_partial_variable

- order_status_url

- order_status_url_partial_variable

- order_number

- discount_code

- total_price

- tracking_url

- tracking_company

- tracking_number

- shop_whatsapp

- shop_whatsapp_url

- name

- first_name

- last_name

We also shorten the URLs from Shopify, these include:

- abandoned_checkout_url (for taking customers to their specific abandoned cart page)

- order_status_url (for taking customers to the order page to review their specific order)

- cod_cancel_url (for taking customers to cancel their COD order)

- cod_confirm_url (for taking customers to confirm their COD order)

The shortened URL will look something like

We have also added some flexibility to allow the use of Call-To-Action buttons in templates:

For more info on CTA buttons, please refer to here.

These partial variables must be used with this URL: because they are specific to the shortened URL generated by WATI.

That means you cannot use your own shop domain with these specific variables:{{abandoned_checkout_url_partial_variable}} will not work.

- abandoned_checkout_url_partial_variable

When user clicks the button, user will be redirected to abandoned checkout page on Shopify, where user can continue to checkout or do the shopping again.

- order_status_url_partial_variable

By clicking the button, the user is able to go to the order page of the store and check their order status/address info there.

- cod_confirm_url_partial_variable

This is for Shopify; where you can ask your customers to confirm their COD order

- cod_cancel_url_partial_variable

This is for Shopify; where you can ask your customers to cancel their COD order

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