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How to top up credits in Wati?

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What are credits?

There are different types of messages that you can broadcast to your contacts - marketing, authentication and utility. Meta charges for these conversations based on the type of message you want to send and the number of contacts you want to broadcast to.

You can read more in detail here.

To ensure you are able to broadcast messages smoothly and successfully, you need to have sufficient credits (min $10) in your Wati account.

How do I top up credits?

  1. Head over to your Wati account
  2. Click on the Buy Credit Button locate on the Top Menu Panel
  3. Add the desired top-up amount
  4. Click on the Buy Credit Button

Setting up auto-recharge

If you don't want to spend a lot of time topping up credits every other week or so, you can automate this by setting up auto recharge for your account.

To configure auto-recharge, you can follow these steps -

  1. Click "Configure Auto Recharge"
  2. Enable Auto Recharge
  3. Fill Recharge Amount (the amount that needs to be topped up everytime)
  4. When balance falls below - This tells Wati when the automatic top up should happen. If your credit falls below a certain amount, the recharge amount in step 3 will be automatically topped up.
  5. Click "Save" button

It's automatic but you will still be in the know! You will receive a confirmation email when the auto recharge happens

What are the conversation charges?

The charges will be calculated based on the end user's phone number country code.

You can find this directly in your Wati account as you top up credits as shown below

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How to setup auto recharge for broadcast credit?