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How to check WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) Status?

You can check your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) Status by navigating to the Business Support Home Page

On the Business Support Home Page, you can -

  • Know if your WhatsApp Account was restricted/disabled due to Violation of WhatsApp Commerce Policy
  • Request review to WhatsApp to lift the account suspension

Why do WhatsApp Business Accounts get restricted/disabled/suspended?

If Business Accounts repeatedly violate high-risk policy categories, such as, adult content, sale of alcohol and tobacco, drugs, gambling and Unsafe supplements sections of our Commerce Policy, they may start seeing messaging restrictions that gradually increase in duration, like:

  • 1 or 3 day block on sending business-initiated messages and adding additional phone numbers to the account
  • 5 or 7 day block on sending business-initiated messages and responding to customer-initiated messages and adding additional phone numbers to the account
  • Eventually be permanently disabled from the WhatsApp Business Platform, if the business does not make changes after multiple warnings and feature limits

All violations can be appealed within 90 days of being received.

How to submit an appeal for Disabled WhatsApp Account?

Below screenshot explains how you can check the status -

How to navigate to the Business support home Page to request a review?

  1. Go to Meta Business Manager --> Business Settings page (
  2. Click on the Hamburger menu on the left navigation

  1. Click on "Business Support Home" option on the side menu

Understanding Violations

When a business account violates a policy, additional detail can be found by reviewing the violation in the Business support home section of Business Manager. To see violations:

  1. Log in to Business Manager. (If you've transitioned to Meta Business Suite, follow the steps listed here to switch to Business Manager.)
  2. Click More > Business Support Home Facebook Business Accounts.
  3. In the WhatsApp Accounts section, click the WhatsApp Business Account that shows “Account Issues” in its Status column.
  4. For any individual issue, click See Details to view the policy that was violated and how to avoid this type of violation in the future.

Violation updates include the following information:

  • Summary of policy violated and link to the policy itself.
  • Examples of which content is allowed or disallowed based on that policy.
  • Whether there are any active restrictions on the account and what happens if the violation happens again.
  • How to avoid future policy violations and links to helpful resources.
  • How to appeal.

Notifications about violations are also:

  • Surfaced in the Business Manager Notifications Center and as a banner in WhatsApp Manager.
  • Sent as an email to all admins set in Business Manager.

Common Reasons for WABA Rejection

  1. You're sending too many spam messages or messages to contacts that have not opted-in to receive messages from you.
    We recommend you to always allow your users to opt-out of messages. Refer this guide to learn how to enable Opt-out from WATI in under 5 minutes
  2. Your Website is down or Under Construction
  3. Your business falls in a category that is not eligible to use WhatsApp Business API.
    More details about disallowed businesses can be found on WhatsApp Commerce Policy

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