2020.08.1 - Released on Aug 2020

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Release Version Note

Tested in latest stable versions on windows:

  • Chrome: Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Edge: 84.0.522.52 (Official build) (64-bit)
  • Firefox 79.0 (64-bit)
  • IE 11.959.18362.0

WATI Web Enhancement

  • Support to assign teams to each member. Each member can belong to multiple team(s).
  • Support assign conversation to multiple team(s) that all assigned teams can view the conversation, except the unassigned team.
  • Allow the system to perform some actions automatically based on the keyword that the customer sends us on WATI, for example:
    • When customer types ‘talk to an agent’, we need to trigger the notification to certain agents
    • When customer types ‘subscribe’, we need to set the ‘allowBroadcast’ attribute as ‘true’. And if the customer types ‘unsubscribe’, we need to set the ‘allowBroadcast’ attribute to ‘false’
    • When customer types ‘HAPPY’ or ‘SAD’ or ‘NEUTRAL’, we could capture this as feedback for the conversation
  • Show agent status: green light if he/she is online and red light if he/she is offline. The status is showing next to the agent name in "Assign to" of TeamInbox screen.
  • Allow selecting the existing attribute name from the drop-down list when adding custom attributes of every single contact.
  • Showing detailed reason for the failed broadcast message sent per each contact (by the icon (i) in each contact row when click to see detail statistic of each broadcast).
  • Support Copy+Paste image, and support drag image picture directly within the text box
  • Introduce new role Business Manager: This role will be able to:
    • View/Send Broadcast
    • View/Add Contact
    • View/Submit Template
  • Support click to enlarge photo received from a customer from TeamInbox screen, without having to download it as before.
  • Show location co-ordinates as Google Maps Links on Team Inbox

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