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Export and Import of Flows

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Exporting and Importing flows in WATI

Creating flows in WATI is akin to creating user's own chatbots. User can create several flows for customers, but what if user has two WATI Accounts in different environments. Can user transfers flows from one environment to another?

User can transfer flows from one WATI environment to another with the help of the export and import of flows:


Exporting flows from WATI flow builder is easy and here are a few steps one can follow:

  1. With an administrator account, navigate to Automation section Flow
  2. Click on the name of the flow needed to be exported to open it
  3. At the right top of the flow there is ↥ button, click it
  1. A JSON file will be downloaded to your device
None of the media files used in the exported flow will be saved.


Those are the steps needed to import exported flow from one environment into another:

  1. Navigate to Automation section ⤏ Flow
  2. At the right top of the flow list there is button, click it
  1. Choose JSON file that contains a flow you wish to import

It's done.

When you export a flow with these nodes from one environment and import it to another, all these nodes will be found empty because the data in these nodes are not available in the targeted environment and thus you will have to fill them up manually:
- Assign Team and Agent
- Template
- Google Spreadsheet node
- Invoke New Flow
- Media from any nodes

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