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WooCommerce Integration

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This plugin of Woocommerce gives your eCommerce website a WhatsApp integration. It helps users to add a live WhatsApp chat button on all your web pages of your store. Moreover, it can also track all orders with the analytics tab included.

Most importantly, the automated messages provided in this integration give your company a more engaging way to interact with your customers. Having an abandoned recovery message or a completion order message will make customers attract to your store and also help your company grow overall.

To Get Started:

1) Log in to WATI, and navigate to Integrations and then click on Woo Commerce.

2) After clicking on this tab, you will see your woo-commerce plugin API key, you can press copy and then click the download button under it to download the plugin.

3) Log in to your WordPress account and navigate to plugins. Then click on add new plugin and install and activate your recently downloaded woo-commerce plugin.

4)Then click on the settings of your newly activated woo-commerce plugin

(Named as "Whatsapp Chat & Notification").

5)Paste your API key and also fill in all the other details.

6) Click on Go to WATI Settings and then you can finally see that your WATI is integrated with woo commerce and can see all settings.

For WhatsApp Chat Button:

When you click on WhatsApp Chat, you can see two sections, one is WhatsApp Chat and one is Chat Button Settings.

1) WhatsApp Chat:

In this section, you can click Enable to see a live WhatsApp chat button on your shop.

2) Chat Button Settings:

Here you can do various things:

You can change the background colour, the text will show, and more dimensions. It is very customizable and personalized. 

You can also put in the brand name, brand image, and many more things.

After all this, you can go back to your woo commerce website and look out for this chat button you just added.

For Automated Message:

This feature would let you send automated messages to your potential clients when they land on the checkout page of your store and do certain actions.

To set this up:

You will have to enable everything and select the template message from the table below.


Template to choose 

Abandoned Recovery Message


Order Completed/Confirmation


Order Fulfilled


Follow up after Purchase


Return and Exchange Request



Now, after successfully enabling all and also matching each action to their template message. All events will start working.

1) Abandoned Recovery Message:

After you enable this setting, your WATI will send a WhatsApp reminder/message to the user who landed on the checkout page but did not purchase or do any other action.

Users can also choose how many minutes later does the message be sent to the client.

WhatsApp Message:

2) Order Completed/Completion:

After you enable this message, whenever the user purchases something from your store successfully. The user will receive a template message of order completion.

WhatsApp Message:

3) Order Fulfilled:

After you enable this message, users will receive a message when the order is fulfilled and is done by the admin side.

WhatsApp Message:

4) Follow up after purchase:

After you enable this message, users will receive a message once after the number of days you input in the setting as a follow-up message of their successful purchase from your store.

WhatsApp Message:

5) Return and Exchange Request:

After you enable this message, users who will request a refund or for exchange of a product they purchased previously will receive this message.

WhatsApp Message:

For Analytics:

There is also an analytics tab where you can see the status of your shop and can track all orders and performance.

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