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What part of WATI can be tried out as a Trial Account?

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As a TRIAL account you can try out various functionalities of WATI without paying such as:

  • Using Team Inbox, to try out conversation (with your own number), which includes:
  • Attaching media: images, videos, documents
  • Using emojis and stickers
  • Full access to quick reply functionality (able to create, edit and delete quick replies)
  • Using pre-rendered flows
  • Sending templates (to your own number)

In Broadcast section trial user can:

  • Sending broadcasts immedeatly and scheduling broadcasts to be send in the future (to your own number)
  • Using overview tiles to observe your broadcast progress
  • Creating and editing templates (can't submit)

In Automation section trial user can:

  • Try out creating different keyword actions (can't save)
  • Try out creating with flow builder both from scratch and from already existing templates (can't save). You can try out already existing flows at

All Dashboard section functionality is fully accessible for trial user.

In API docs section most limitations are related to the limitations of the respective sections that are emulated by certian requests and a lot of requests are accessible for the trial User - try it out!

Settings functionalities are mostly restricted, but trial User can still change its name and try out notifications.

Operator Managmanent is available only for paid users.

Currently those are integrations that are available for trial users:

Webhook section functionality is available only for paid users.

There are quite a lot of WATI's functions that trial User can check out and try - don't be a stranger.

Also, please check out multiple tutorial video our team made for you in all sections of the WATI:

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