How to create an Attribute rule?

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Introducing Rule-based automation

Rule-based automation gives you the flexibility to quickly automate different scenarios. You can create a Rule with 3 building blocks:

  • Trigger
  • Filter
  • Action

Let's take a look at how you can do this.

Navigate to your Automation page and select the "Attribute rules" tab on the left.

Select "Create new rule" and choose the Trigger you want to use. Learn more about Triggers here.

Afterwards, you will be guided to the Rule builder page, where you can configure the properties for each of the 3 blocks. In this example, we will select the Trigger "New attribute is added to a contact".

Click on the first Trigger block and configure the attribute you want to target.

Then select the Action you want to the Rule to perform when it is triggered. We will be supporting a wide range of Actions in the future!

In this example, let's select "Send template message", a specific template will be sent automatically when this Rule is triggered.

In this example, whenever a new attribute shop_name is added to a contact, and the attribute value contains the word "cafe", Wati will automatically send out a template message for you.

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