How to enable Catalog feature for your Wati WhatsApp API number

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To get started, go to the top menu in your WATI account choose the option “Commerce”.

Once selected you will be directed to the Catalog Setup page as shown below where you will need to complete four steps to enable the catalog feature for your Wati WhatsApp API number.

Step 1: Create Catalog

You need to create the Catalog in Facebook Commerce Manager, Check the video below on how you can create a Catalog in Facebook commerce manager via Google Sheet or Shopify

Catalog via Google Sheet

Catalog via Shopify

If you are a business selling product items in India, there are several mandatory fields & specifications required to be added to product items when creating catalog.

Step 2: Connect Catalog to Whatsapp Business Account 

  • Select the option "Whatsapp account" in your Business settings
  • Once selected choose your Whatsapp account 
  • Click on settings and then select Whatsapp Manager 
  • Once done on Left panel select "Catalog" option
  • Choose the Catalog from the drop down you want to connect to your Whatsapp Business account and hit submit

Watch this video on How to connect Catalog to a WhatsApp Account

Step 3: Assign WATI as Catalog Partner 

  • Go to Business Settings in FB Business Manager 
  • Select the option "Catalogs" under "Data sources" from the left menu 
  • Then select your Catalog from the list on the right and choose the Option Assign Partner
  • Choose to assign a partner by “Business ID” 
  • In the partner Business ID enter the ID “ 272761826427695” 
  • Provide the permission to Manage Catalog and then click next

Watch this video on How to assign WATI as a WhatsApp Catalog Partner

Step 4: Enter Catalog ID to connect Catalog to WATI

Copy the Catalog Id from your Business settings page and hit the connect button 

Watch this video on How to connect Catalog to WATI

Once the above 4 steps are completed the Catalog feature will be enabled for your WATI number and you can start to send Catalog messages.

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