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Auto replies and OOO messages

Make sure that you have set the correct timezone for your account.
How to change my timezone in WATI?

To set the out of office message on WATI, you must first set your office hours and then set an out of office message.

Steps to set your office hours

1. Navigate to 'Automation' --> 'Default Action' and click on the Set Working Hours button

2. Choose your working days and hours

3. Click 'Save'

Steps to set out of office message

1. Navigate to 'Reply Material' from the left navigation

2. Click on the 'Add Text' button

3. Add the Name and the Content and click 'Save'

4. Navigate back to 'Default Actions' and enable non-working hours checkbox and select the out of office reply material

Please watch the below demo video to get a better understanding:


Note: Out of office message once sent will not be sent for another 30 minutes for the same chat.

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