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The Dashboard Page contains the following charts to analyze real-time statistical information:

Top operators by duration show a list of operators that have more time activity in the chats. It's the time from start to end of the chat.

Top operators by chats show the list of operators that have most ended chats.

Top issues shows the reason of the issues that occur most frequently.

Chats duration and count shows the count of all closed chats and duration in minutes.

Messages volume statistic shows the count of chat sessions messages, SMS, and broadcast messages.

Rates show the count of broadcast messages depends on the status.

Read rate: broadcast messages that have been read by receiver Delivery rate: broadcast messages that delivered to a receiver Failed rate: broadcast messages that were not sent SMS rate: broadcast messages that were sent via SMS

Total messages show the quantities of the Sent, Received, and Failed messages.

Sent/received messaged statistic shows the count of the sent and received messages from the Team Inbox.

Date Range Filter

Date range filter is used to select values for dates and periods.

Users can choose the Custom range, the range for the last 7 days, or the last 30 days in the Period contextual menu.


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