Why your business can't be verified?

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After you submitted documentation, you can check your business verification status in the Security Centre in Business settings.Meta may ask you to submit more information and provide you the reasons why they cannot verify your business. Please review and re-submit it. 

Here are some common reasons:

  • The documents you submitted are not an accepted type:
    Please check this article to make sure that you submit a document from the list of accepted document types to verify your business. We recommend using government documents that can validate the business's legal name and address. If you select phone verification, please provide a document that validates the business phone number.
  • The document you uploaded is self-filed:
    Meta doesn't accept self-filed documents that have been filled in by the business without an accompanying official signature or seal. Please upload the approved registration certificate with signature and/or official seal.
  • Document language is unsupported:
    Currently, Meta only supports business verification in certain languages. If your language is unsupported, get your supporting documents translated into English. They must also have the translating agency's official stamp. See the details in this article.
  • The document isn't viewable:
    The document you uploaded may be too small, blurry, low resolution or in a corrupted file. Please scan your document at a higher resolution or format and resubmit it. 
  • The document has expired:
    Please check the expiry date on your document. If your document has expired, please renew and upload a new document with a current effective date.
  • The document doesn't contain a legal business name or doesn’t match the business name:
    Please check the name presented on the document you uploaded. Make sure your business's legal name exactly as it appears in your Business settings. Go to business settings and update the business's legal name exactly as it appears on your supporting document, or provide an accepted document that includes your business's legal name exactly as it appears in your business settings.
  • The document doesn't contain a business address, only a partial address or doesn't match your business address:
    Your document must contain your full business address information and match the supporting document you submitted. Upload a new document that includes both your business's legal name and address. Or go to business settings and edit the business address. 
  • Document doesn't contain a business phone number or doesn't match your business phone number:
    Your document must include the phone number information required. Upload a new accepted document that includes both your business's legal name and matching phone number.
  • Additional documents required for verification:
    Please make sure that you have provided acceptable documentation types. Ensure that your business name always appears on the docs. For example, a utility bill with a phone number and no business name is not enough to confirm a phone number. 
  • You own your website domain but aren't able to complete verification:
    Make sure that your website is viewable and belongs to your business. Your email domain and web address should match. Your website content must have your company's name or logo. Your website links should be working and contain no error messages.

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