Convert first time visitors to Zoho Lead/Contact using Zoho Flows

This setup is applicable if you are planning to use Zoho Workflows that trigger when a new Lead/Contact is added to Zoho

Our native plugin allows you to convert the contacts that are reaching out to your WhatsApp number for the first time as Leads or Contacts in Zoho. However, this will not trigger any Zoho Workflows you have set up to run for new leads. E.g.

  • Send a Welcome message to all new Leads on Zoho
  • Send a notification to all new contacts after 5 days etc.

Please follow these quick steps to get this kind of automations working:

  1. Go to the Zoho CRM Plugin Settings page for WATI Plugin and
    disable the "Automatically create lead or contact if there is no data in Zoho CRM"
  2. Go to Zoho Flows and create a new flow
  3. Set a title
  4. Click Configure Webhook and copy the Webhook URL
  5. Go to WATI account -> Webhooks -> Add Webhook
    Paste the URL from the previous step here. Status Enabled and Event: New Contact Message
  6. Trigger a Sample callback for the webhook
  7. You should see the Sample payload in the Zoho Flow now. Click Done
  8. Search for CRM on the left sidebar. Expand Zoho CRM.
    Find Create or Update lead. Drag and drop it into the flow.
  9. On the right side, you should see the Webhook sample payload. Expand that.
    The Company name can be filled with a random value. Map the Last Name Field with Sender Name.
    Map the Phone/Mobile field with Waid, Lead Source as Custom Value, and Custom Value as WATI
  10. Switch on the flow

All new users who message your WATI phone number and are not part of the WATI contacts list will be added as a lead in WATI. Once they are added you can instantly trigger workflows for them.

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