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Can I send OTP on WhatsApp?

You can send OTP using WATI's APIs.

Follow the instructions given in the video:

[Video] How To Send OTP On WhatsApp?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Create an authentication template message for WhatsApp approval first 

    Authentication templates with OTP buttons consist of the following:
    1. Preset authentication message template fixed text:
      • <VERIFICATION_CODE> is your verification code.
      • Security disclaimer (optional): For your security, do not share this code.
      • Expiration warning (optional): This code expires in <NUM_MINUTES> minutes.
    2. Button: Either a copy code or one-tap autofill button.
    URLs, media, and emojis are not supported. Because authentication templates with OTP buttons only consist of preset text and buttons, their risk of being paused is significantly minimized.
  2. Once you get approval, you can use the /sendTemplateMessage API to trigger OTP from your code
This functionality will not be available to businesses based in India until later this year as it's currently disabled by Meta. Businesses from other countries should still be able to send out authentication templates.

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